Our Network

DGN takes a network-based approach to governance innovation. The community is anchored by a Secretariat that creates events and digital platforms for communicating the hard work of its Research Nodes and individual members. An Advisory Board provides continued strategic direction to the Network.

Research Nodes
Research Nodes are the institutional members forming the core of the network. DGN provides support to its Nodes to undertake long-term research projects on areas pertaining to data governance. Nodes are critical to developing the original research base and institutional capacity needed to effect policy change and promote good governance in India.

Internet Democracy Project

The Internet Democracy Project is works towards realising feminist visions of the digital in society, by exploring and addressing power imbalances in the areas of norms, governance and infrastructure.

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IT for Change

IT for Change aims for a society in which digital technologies contribute to human rights, social justice and equity. We undertake research, advocacy and field projects, working from local through national to global levels, engaging actively in network building for making change. Our work on digital and data policies in the domains of education, gender, governance, democracy, economy and livelihoods pushes the boundaries of existing vocabulary and practice, exploring new...

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National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

The National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) is a centre for research in public economics and policies. Founded in 1976, the institute undertakes research, policy advocacy and capacity building in areas related to public economics. One of the areas of work is in the field of technology policy, covering issues like network neutrality; privacy, data protection and surveillance; digital identity; Internet rights; quality of telecom services; competition policy...

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