The promise and threat of facial recognition technologies - Read more!

Facial recognition technologies (FRT) have developed rapidly in the last few years. From its use by social media platforms to tag photos or by phones to unlock our screens to CCTV camera surveillance, FRT has been pushed forward in its use by the government and companies in every sphere of life. The use of these technologies is currently unregulated, so even as the National Crime Records Bureau has initiated a National Automated Face Recognition System (NAFRS) to create a nationwide database of citizens' faces, the extent of legal use has not been delimited. With such a database, the government will be able to draw on FRT to identify individuals in an unprecedented manner. Is such power a benefit to the society or a bane? To what extent will people go when applying this technology and what costs do its benefits come at? Where do you think the balance sits?

NIPFP, as part of the Data Governance Network, has analysed the current landscape of facial recognition technologies in India. You can find the paper here: and the policy briefing here: