Law enforcement access to data: Should there be backdoors to encryption?

In the paper "Backdoors to Encryption: Analysing an intermediary’s duty to provide 'technical assistance'" for the Data Governance Network, Rishab Bailey, Faiza Rahman and Vrinda Bhandari write about encryption and intermediaries.

They argue that a general mandate to weaken encryption standards or force intermediaries to create backdoors to encrypted services constitutes a disproportionate intrusion into the right to privacy. Such a mandate will also likely fail a cost-benefit analysis in view of the possible effects on the broader digital ecosystem as well as the availability of alternatives with law enforcement agencies. Instead, the need of the hour is for the government to implement rights-respecting processes to access data in a timely fashion, and improve its own capacities.

Watch this video to understand the gist of the issue. You can read the paper here: