An Updated Competition Toolkit for Digital Markets

This video is based on the paper titled 'Regulating digital ecosystems: bridging the gap between competition policy and data protection' by Beatriz Kira, Vikram Sinha and Sharmadha Srinivasan. To know more read the paper:

Our lives have become dependent on these digital platforms and the Covid-19 crisis has only served to exacerbate these trends. Compared to a traditional firm, digital platforms through the sheer volume, velocity and variety of #data collected gain enormous competitive advantages in the market. However, consumers are harmed in distinct ways. Market power of many of these companies allow for the level of data protection to be reduced to users, and for firms to indulge in exploitative conduct when it comes to collecting data. This video spotlights the issue of how the current competition law framework is not ready to deal with the challenges of regulating these platforms and the tools that competition law will need to adopt, taking into consideration issues such as user privacy.