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An investigation of National Open Government Data Platforms: How can India improve?

Authors: Sridhar Ganapathy, Harsh Vardhan Pachisia, Rajeswari Parasa, Isalyne Gennaro

Open Government Data (OGD) platforms have recently become the channel of choice for governments to provide transparency and accountability. The purpose of these platforms is to enable citizens, the research community and the private sector to reuse public data for knowledge creation and innovation. OGD initiatives have been evaluated and benchmarked and matured as platforms in the last decade. We study OGD platforms as infrastructure and evaluate them based on their capability, focusing on community engagement and supporting policies and frameworks that govern their creation and use. We find that the Indian OGD platform excels in many areas but highlights immediate and long-term changes that can help Indian OGD initiatives provide best-in-class engagement for users and champion a sustainable, healthy open data ecosystem.