Welcome to Brave New World!

The role of tech in our lives has accelerated in the post-COVID era, creating a ‘virtual’ existence with low physical human contact. It has transformed how we work, govern, stay healthy, worship, invest, entertain, and much more. In this preview episode, Vasant Dhar — a longtime AI researcher and data scientist — tells us about his forthcoming mind-opening conversations with leading experts on the world that our future selves will inhabit.

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Upcoming guests include:

Scott Galloway: Author, entrepreneur and visionary, Professor NYU.
Sinan Aral: Professor MIT, author of The Hype Machine.
Yann Lecun: Turing award winner 2019, Chief Scientist, Facebook, Professor NYU.
Richard Thaler: Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor University of Chicago.
John Sexton: 15th President of NYU (2002-2015), Professor of law, NYU.
Eric Topol: Professor of Molecular Medicine, Scripps Research.
Nandan Nilekani: Founder Infosys, Aadhar platform architect and tech visionary.

Welcome to Brave New World!