Data Governance in the Times of Covid-19: A Comic Series #6


In this short comic series, we will highlight some data governance dilemmas in the times of the pandemic and share with you our reading list on the subject. This week we discuss intermediary liability. The idea of regulating information intermediaries (especially social media) to prevent misinformation and assign liability has gained significant attention in recent times.


Some resources on the subject:

1. Bahl et al., "Internet intermediaries and online harms: Regulatory Responses", April 2020, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy.
2. SFLC, "The future of Intermediary Liability" Jan 2020
3. Stanford CIS World Intermediary Liability Map
4. Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability
5. Agarwal, "Is Mastodon the answer to online hate speech?", November 2019 Medianama