On digital governance, don’t repeat mistakes

Author: Prakhar Misra and Sharmadha Srinivasan

The article was first published in The Hindustan Times on October 29th,  2020. The views are of the individual authors.

The evolution of data governance is in a state of healthy flux right now. India is simultaneously juggling fundamental questions such as the nature and categories of data, while moving steadfastly on building a regulatory apparatus to govern these. There have now been two versions of the Personal Data Protection Bill, a report on non-personal data, and a variety of other proposals to regulate the digital economy from telemedicine to e-commerce to drones. At a macro-level though, two key problems may emerge. The first is of State overreach and the second is of multiple regulators. India’s past experience — particularly with industrial licensing and regulation of the financial sector — may be useful in informing the future of data governance.

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