Ayushman Bharat can be a success if Modi govt incentivises digital data for private players

Authors: Alex Fager and Prakhar Misra

This is the second in an IDFC Institute-ThePrint partnership series, part of the Data Governance Network’s work on data governance policies and infrastructure in India.  Published on January 24, 2020 . The views are of the individual authors.

India’s evolving data protection regime will have to work to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship programme Ayushman Bharat a success. The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 must be in conjunction with the National Digital Health Blueprint, which governs India’s overall health data. For it to work, the digital architecture has to incentivise private sector buy-in.

The core question here is whether private sector participants such as Apollo and Manipal hospitals will look at the combination of NDHB and PDP Bill as another set of cumbersome hurdles to work around or as progressive, enabling mechanisms. We think there are a set of incentives built into these laws that may improve private participation.

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