A plan for Indian self-sufficiency in an AI-driven world

Author: Parmindar Jeet Singh

The article was first published in LiveMint on July 29th, 2020. The views are of the individual author.

Geo-political and economic power in the industrial age was determined by one’s expertise in manufacturing. In a digital society, it’s likely to be based on command over artificial intelligence (AI). As an information age takes over, hastened by the covid crisis, every country has to assess where it stands in terms of AI. This could decide its position in the global hierarchy.

AI is a not a separate sector. Rather, it’s expected to manage and lead every sector. There is mobility AI, education AI, health AI, agriculture AI, and so on. If every sector was earlier controlled by whoever had prowess over mechanical and chemical technology in that sector, it would now be led by whoever has the best AI for a given sector.

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